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About Ngesus

NGESUS is a full service entrepreneur networking company. We work with entrepreneurs to develop and brand high quality of life products and services. We pride ourselves on diversity, creativity, and 22nd century thinking. The products created by our network improve upon industry standards; exceed customer expectations; and enhance our customers' quality of life.

Our Research and Development teams work closely with consumer communities to identify and assess product and service needs. This relationship enables us to work with entrepreneurs to develop innovative lift style solutions.   


Our partners' brands span multiple industries including, but not limited to: Education, Entertainment, Art, Technology, Fashion, Health and Beauty, Youth Services, Hospitality, Food and Beverages, Business Services, and Child Development.

We are passionate about offering the highest quality of products to customers. Our partners own their brands and control 100% of the creativity and ingenuity that goes into their products. We are a one stop shop for entrepreneurs that are committed to transitioning from great ideas to success. Contact us and start today.

What our customers and clients say about us




“We knew that we had a great product but couldn't seem to get things rolling. Ngesus stepped in and got us right where we needed to be. #ourblessing”


Emman Knight, Customer

“My husband and I needed a sugar-free drink menu for our anniversary and Ngesus refferred us to drinksbyexplosive...can you say amazing? From here on out, I will check with Ngesus before I do anything .”

FettiRho, ENT

“Been looking for a place to get our label off the ground and from networking us with radio play and live gigs to business advice, Ngesus knows their stuff. Thank you for all of your mentoring. One Love.”