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About Ngesus

NGESUS is a full service consulting company. We specialize in entrepreneur development and networking, non profit management consulting, and project management. We work with social entrepreneurs and community leaders to develop quality of life products and services for their customers. Our business is centered around leaving the world in a better condition than it has been for African Americans.

We pride ourselves on diversity, creativity, and innovation. The products and services developed by our clients improve upon industry standards; exceed customer expectations; and enhance customers' quality of life.

Our Research and Development teams work closely with consumer communities to identify and assess product and service needs. This relationship enables us to work with clients to develop innovative lift style solutions.   

Our partners' brands span multiple industries including, but not limited to: Education, Entertainment, Art, Technology, Fashion, Health and Beauty, Youth and Family Services, Hospitality, Food and Beverages, Business Services, and Child Development.

We are passionate about assisting our clients in developing high quality solutions for our customers. Our partners own their brands and control 100% of the creativity and ingenuity that goes into developing their products and services. We are a one stop shop for entrepreneurs that are committed to transitioning from great ideas to success.

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