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Dr. Tiye Warren’s direct, unapologetic, and strategic approach to addressing business and social issues make him one of the most powerful leaders in Contemporary America. His humble demeanor and passion for transitioning people from lives of social-economic disadvantage to wealth reflects a higher calling and responsibility.


Dr. Tiye creates knowledge-based curriculums, practical wealth building opportunities, and develops programs and process strategies for municipalities, families, and communities. He consults with organizations, local leaders, and advocates that are catalyzing positive changes. He publishes relationship strategy and people leadership texts that teach practical life, wealth building, and interpersonal skills, promote healthy relationships, and develop effective family economic resource management skills.


Dr. Tiye is a leader, business strategist, author, and sage. At a very young age Dr. Tiye understood his assignment and accepted his calling. He unapologetically pushes his people to progress themselves, while asserting that those in positions of power be held responsible and accountable for righting their predecessors’ wrongs.

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I specialize in SUCCESS.



Dr. Tiye’s leadership journey began at the age of 11 when he was asked to coach his peers opposed to playing on the team. The team went 0 - 8, however, won the playoff and championship games becoming the season's champs. This triumph established the foundation for Dr. Tiye’s life perspective and belief in his people.

At the age of 18, Dr. Tiye began to strategize on how to disrupt the social services industry and began to develop what became the Kush Approach to Public Safety. The model was completed with the support of the Kush executive leadership team (2004) and implemented in the Watts/Southeast Los Angeles district (2005).


The Kush Approach to Public Safety, along with the hard work of the Kush team, helped to reduce youth motivated violence by 63% over Kush, Inc.'s 7 year service period.


Dr. Tiye is a Watts/Compton, California native. He currently lives in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Cincinnati. Dr. Tiye holds a B.S. in Management and Human Resources; MBA; and a Doctor of Education degree in Organizational Leadership and Technology.

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'We don't need more rappers... we need more Maliks.

Ahmirs, Amirahs and

We Don't Need More Rappers... - 2pac

We Need More Maliks - Dr. Tiye

For ages Youth have looked for leaders, mentors, only to be disappointed and left leading themselves.

"Maliks,Malakas,Ahmirs, Amirahs and tajis"(translated: Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, and Crowns) is a youth leadership program led by Dr. Tiye himself. Each Semester, Dr. Tiye accepts 12 families who demonstrate passion, ambition, and audacity to succeed despite their life circumstances. Dr. Tiye and the families build businesses, raise start-up capital, and apply master's level business skills in real time. No time wasted, no shortcuts, and no fantasized images of success. Just smart work and succeeding together.



MEDIA AND PUBLICATIONS: Dr. Tiye is the author of “Embracing Me” and “The Marriage Material Project”. He is the co-founder of Wargait Media Group, LLC., and Heads the Company’s audio, text, and visual media development teams.

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR: Dr. Tiye’s mission is to transition underrepresented American families towards equitable social-economic circumstances. He has served the community at the leadership capacity for 20 years. To achieve this mission, Dr. Tiye co-founded Kush, Inc., Wargait Media Group, LLC., and Ngesus, LLC.; and has organized a series of social projects that promotes literacy, wealth, safety, and social justice in underrepresented communities.

SOCIAL IMPACT: Dr. Tiye co-authored and co-led the implementation of the Kush Approach to Public Safety in the Watts/Southeast Los Angeles District, which helped to reduce youth motivated violence by 63% over a period of 7 years. During Covid (2020), he developed the Young Moguls Entrepreneurship Course for Justice Involved Individuals returning home from completing extensive prison sentences. He leads the “Hip Hop Counsel”, a group that teaches Hip Hop to promote and encourage Mental Health Dialogue and Treatment in Minority Communities. In 2022, Dr. Tiye accepted his mentors’ challenge and agreed to develop and create processes, programs, and systems that improve socio-economic and mental health conditions in underserved Communities.


Applied Black Consciousness
The Marriage Material Project
Applied Black Consciousness (ABC)
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