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At a time when police and community relations are extremely tense; economic disparities and inequities in urban communities are worse than they have been since the 70s; violence is at record levels;  and the development needs of our youth population are overlooked; Kush continues to be a catalyst for change. 

As a society we find ourselves at odds with whether we have invested enough resources in our youth to ensure that their future is one of progress, and not a period of regression towards the times when all men were not perceived as being created equal.

The reality of limited global resources, rising poverty levels, a recessive financial system, social depression, and discussions of world war; we must not neglect our only true champions for change... Our youth!

We welcome you and hope that you are inspired to join us by investing in our youth and working to extend access to opportunities for them to succeed.

About Us

Kush Inc. was founded in 2004 by a two men team that envisioned a vibrant Watts community. While our history is one of triumph and perseverance, our passion and purpose is rooted in love, compassion, and humanity.

Our Mission

To create opportunities for communities and youth to succeed.


Our Vision

To push youth born into families that have endured economic, education, and social disadvantages for generations to challenge their substandard legacies and pioneer their family's transition towards generational wealth and success.

Our Values

We believe that success is best enjoyed as a community. As such, Kush prides itself on implementing programs and service provisions that improve the community's economy by employing local residents to drive change.


Youth Cultivation (Ages 9-16)

Launched in 2002, our Embracing Me Youth Development, Mentoring, and Rites of Passage program is a comprehensive system that teaches practical life skills; and entrepreneurship. For more information click here.

Community Development (Ages 12+)

Our Young Adult Development Program (The Kush Approach to Community Development) was launched in Watts/Southeast Los Angeles and provided as a service to our federal, state, and municipal customers from 2005 to 2012. During our 7 year service provision, our system helped to reduce youth motivated gang violence, in our service area, by 63%. For more information click here.

Community and Youth Programming Consulting

We currently consult with several community based organizations and municipal governments to address the challenges in their communities. For more information email us.




In 2009 CNN correspondent Anderson Cooper interviewed co-founder Gregory Thomas of Kush, Inc. to discuss Kush Inc.'s plans for the city of Los Angeles' federal government's stimulus investment in "gang intervention" programming.  

2020 Marks the beginning of our 22nd year. We recognize that a lot has changed, and we have enjoyed every second of it. From the inception of Kush, our co-founders accepted the challenge of tackling our generation's toughest and most intimidating issues. “We set out to shift the paradigm of neglected urban communities from substandard socio-economies to vibrant, safe, and united communities starting with home (Watts, Los Angeles)” says co-founder, Dr. Tiye Warren.

The Kush legacy begins with a mentoring story, a re-encounter that would initiate a father-son bond between two like minded young men separated by a generation and united by a festering systemic agenda that would destroy many lives. The two were neighbors when Dr. Warren was born. Mr. Thomas, a teenager at the time, was known in the community for his wall street equivalent business acumen, passion for his community and high quality of life. Dr. Warren would grow to be known for his outspokenness and ambitious courage to succeed. Together this dual, with an unmatched passion for their community, has crafted some of the most innovative and cutting edge strategies in social service history.


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