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Modesty 333 is the platform for “H.E.R.” which stands for “Humble”, “Empower”, and “Respect”. At a time when being “H.E.R.” is taboo, Modesty 333 is bringing “HER” back.

                       - MODESTY 333


To teach our sisters how to practice:

• Self-Value
• Decision Making
• Leadership
• Entrepreneurship
• Etiquette
• Humility
• Sisterhood


Our Mission is to establish a long-lasting platform for young women to use their voices to speak out and be heard, educated, respected, and develop into beautiful, confident, successful women.


We encourage our sisters to embrace themselves by applying self-respect, modesty, confidence, empowerment, leadership, and self-acceptance. We cultivate our sisters’ mental, social, spiritual, and emotional well -being.


Modesty 333 believes all young women have positive impacts on their peers and in their communities when they practice: Self- Value and Self- Care; Empowerment and Encouragement; Entrepreneurship; Healthy and Positive; Decision Making; and Networking.

Kay Speights


Welcome to Modesty 333 where we are sisters despite ethnicity, religion, nationality, cultural practices, and social status. Where we come together for encouragement, empowerment, and esteem. Where we accept our pasts and continue our journeys into the future. Where we develop our skills so that our wildest dreams become our realities. Where we can aspire to be Scientists, Technological Innovators, Engineers, Mathematicians, Artists, and Leaders of the free world without opposition. Where no matter the number of barriers society presents, we achieve, we accomplish, and we succeed... as one sisterhood. This is my vision for Modesty 333.   

Being yourself is difficult when you're so focused on everyone else, what they're doing, wearing, saying, trending, and feeling... that you neglect to focus on what makes you great. Get to know yourself, fall in LOVE with YOU, and LIVE!

Psimi Warren

Know, Love, and Understand yourself better that anyone else >

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