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Developing youth that successfully compete and excel in the global economy is not just our purpose, it is the reason why we exist. We pride ourselves on creating opportunities for all youth to learn practical skills that enable them to maximize their quality of life while they are young. Our youth use the most current technologies and are duly prepared to successfully transition into any institution of higher learning. Students receive an unmatched college preparatory education, in a virtual environment that is both challenging and plugged in to the events, activities, and trends that influence our daily lives. 


PIYE Academy is a Private Leadership and Business College Preparatory District for youth grades 6-12. Our courses are designed and facilitated by Pan African practitioners from all over the country. These individuals have earned MBA and Doctorate degrees, and have a passion for educating Pan-African youth. They have manifested the lives that our ancestors prayed we would one day experience. They are duly qualified to teach our youth the art of: obtaining KNOWLEDGE; embracing UNITY; being SELFLESS; practicing HUMILITY; and having the AUDACITY to succeed at a game that is not designed for us.        

Life Skills

Traditional academic courses are taught from a life skills perspective. This enables our youth to incorporate what is learned in class to their daily life routines.


Leadership is essential to the progression of our communities. Our youth complete a comprehensive servant leadership and emotional intelligence program that prepares them to set goals and make decisions that align with their dreams and aspitrations. We prepare our youth to be catalysts for change. 


Academic institutions around the globe teach social sciences from various biased perspectives. PIYE Academy teaches social science from the Pan African perspective.

College Preperatory

Our science and mathematics courses are designed to ensure that youth master algebra, geometry, biology, and the physical sciences by age 16. This will enable them to complete an associates program by age 18, and position them to have a global advantage.


Within the first 6 months, our youth develop, incorporate, and launch at least one revenue generating venture where they retain all profits. Our youth learn financial literacy via business ownership and build wealth before they become adults.

Economic Literacy

The PIYE Academy curriculum includes a MBA level economics course designed to ensure that youth understand global economics and how to build wealth. This is how we ensure that future generations are economically self sufficient and responsibly control and manage the resources in our communities.  



KNOWLEDGE is power, but who said that KNOWLEDGE only exists in books? At PIYE, we access KNOWLEDGE from multiple sources. Books, elders, history, life experiences, and culture are just a  few of them.   


UNITY is wealth. History has proven that the most successful weapon against injustice is  people banding together.


We are all responsible for re-investing our spare time into our youth and communities. At PIYE, each one teaches another; and success is the means to pay it forward.


Our uniqueness, natural abilities, and blessings do not make us better than our peers. We find joy in allowing others to be themselves. We support or brothers and sisters; and take pride in sharing the spot light.


When the game is designed for us to lose, we train longer, work harder, and do what we were born to do... Succeed!

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