Is the World Still Different After A Different World?

If you were a black youth in the 80s, you were most likely inspired to attend an HBCU only to find that Hillman College did not exist. Yes, I'm talking about the world renowned Hillman College from A Different World.

My son was up late one school night. I walked in to find him binge watching A Different World on one of the streaming sites. "I'm almost done. They're going to graduate soon!" His eyes lit, his face in full amazement, "Why didn't you go to Hillman?", he asked. I initially asked myself the same question, then I remembered... "Hillman didn't accept my application", I responded. "Maybe because it doesn't exist", I added. A few days later, I took him shopping and he emerged from the back of the clothing store with a Hillman College, letterman. "You have to get it... technically you are an alumni", he suggested. I am the proud owner of a Hillman College letterman.

As an educated black man with beautiful black children, I find myself struggling to inspire them to attend college. Hillman College was my reason for aspiring to continue my education past high school. Unfortunately, in the age of instant information, there are no Hillman Colleges for my children. With all of the Hillman College Alumni, like myself, Is the World Still Different After A Different World? or is it back to what my parents and the generations before them experienced?

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