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XAVR Enterprises

My big brother said that I, "wasn't the boss of him". I asked how I could become his boss. He told me that he'd have to worked for me. So I started my own company, "XAVR Enterprises" and now I'm his boss. 

—  XAVR, Age 6, Founder/Owner

Youth Brand Partners


Los Angeles, CA

Kick Masterz is a full service custom apparel company with operations online and in its Los Angeles store. CEO and entrepreneur PhilliGrand removes the limits of canvases and walls; and expands his artistic territory to everything from shoes and purses, to belts and backpacks. Nothing is off limits and everything is fair game.    

Kick Masterz


Houston, TX

Yung Blak Warriors is a social campaign organized to advocate for equitable access to education, life skills development, mentoring, and recreation activities for Pan African young men. Founder and CEO, Muhammad has made it his mission to speak up for the discrimination against young men in the school system. His campaign is promoted using T-Shirts, bags, and accessories as his billboard. His motto is: Be fly when raising awareness.    

Xavr Enterprises is health and beauty brand for young men. The products are developed by 3 brothers, however, the youngest of the brothers (Xavr) decides what makes it to retail. If, the adorable 6 year old businessman and face model is any indication of the products' quality, you need this product in your arsenal like yesterday. Their products include: Xavr's exclusive scented Cologne, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash.


Wargait Media Group produces social responsible media. The company creates and develops entertainment and education products that raise awareness and addresses the social issues that we are experiencing. The company played a critical role in producing the video for the 2019 release "Pain" by Fetti5Feevah. Content is scheduled for release Summer 2020.

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Fetti5Feevah is a Hip Hop artists and social activist. He advocates for opportunities for black youth and raises awareness on today's social issues specially in the areas of black economics, education, and media. Fetti5Feevah works closely with the youth owned Wargait Media Group and works with his management and partners to ensure that his media projects are socially responsible and promote Socio-Economic Reform for African Americans.

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