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The Most Conscious Video Ever!!!


by Dawud Kohein (Lover of everything Hip-Hop)

Los Angeles, CA is known for transforming hip-hop with its socio-economic political style of music known as "gangsta" rap. The WestCoast's Ice Cube and MidWest's Common are considered the god's of the subgenre, while younger artists like Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hustle (RIP), and Joyner Lucas have dabbled with contributions like "DNA", "Lord Have Mercy", and "Devil's Work. Jay-Z even jumped in with "4:44". Then there was Fetti5Feevah and his debut single and video "Pain" (watch the video below).

Pain is Now Available On


When I first watched the video, I could not describe WTF I had experienced, so I watched it again. And again. And a third time. As if something would change.

I think that I was curious to know what was so amazing about the music. The music was like something from Jay Z in his prime. The drums epitomized the signature WestCoast "Dr. Dre" kick. The orchestra, the strings, the percussions, the synths... I was in love. Then came the bars. Fetti5Feevah's cadence was refreshing. I was like, finally some of that "gangsta shit!" (in my Snoop voice).

Then I thought that I saw what appeared to be a statue of a little girl with a chain around her neck. Then images of the police killing black people. Then what I believed were a "Whites Only" and "NO Dogs, Mexicans, [or] Negroes" sign... and by then a few more images.

I was like, again WTF! So I watched it 3 more times before realizing that all of this really happened and, perhaps, we all have forgotten about it. From slaves, to racism, to police shooting unarmed people of color; this video speaks on it and doesn't hold anything back. It's in your face, bold, and forces you to check your social awareness. 

Fetti5Feevah is now on my playlist and I can't wait to see where he goes with his next project. Hopefully he's more than a one hit wonder. 

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