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Welcome to Yung Blak Warriors

Yung Blak Warriors (YBW) is an advocacy and youth development program for young men. We offer a character building rights of passage program in several cities across the country. Our Mission is to address the challenges of today's young men yet preserve our cultural and ancestral traditions and morals. Our organization is founded on the belief that all are created unique with divine skills and talents and, therefore, should have equal access to opportunities for success. While this is not often the case, YBW is implementing its youth based socio-economic system to ensure that race, ethnicity, religion, and cultural beliefs are not the selection criteria determining which young adults succeed and live a higher quality of life. 

Our founder and and chairman, Muhammed Nelson, has first hand experience with navigating the discriminatory practices employed by some of our public institutions. Mr. Nelson has struggled with receiving equitable access to education opportunities for 13 years. Opposed to fighting the system for his individual benefit, he and his family have made it their mission to unite with others that have/are experiencing similar challenges.

We invite you to learn, share, and join us as we re-build our communities, families, and the young men whom will lead them. Welcome to Yung Blak Warriors.

The program includes: youth development workshops and materials (book and tablet); meals; uniforms; transportation (for participants that meet the transportation guidelines); entrepreneurship training; business website, inventory, incorporation, and trade show fees; Rites of Passage examination and ceremony; and group excursions.

The out of pocket participant costs is reduced by money received from Donations and the sell of our T-Shirts, Bracelets, and other YBW merchandise. Please Support Us By Visiting Our Online Store.

What We Do

We offer the YBW program to young men with operations in Houston, Los Angeles, and Cincinnati. We also offer our program online for those whom live in areas that do not have a physical meeting space. We encourage and train youth interested in starting and chairing YBW cohorts in their communities.

Kick Masterz

How it Works

The YBW Academy takes one academic year to complete. We focus on three areas: (1) Education; (2) Physical Development; and (3) Entrepreneurship. Our program is facilitated and supervised by professionals, experts, and minority education advocacy groups.


Below is an outline of the YBW process:

  • Submit application (online) for candidacy (Opens May 1st)

  • Candidates attend the initiation and orientation ceremonies

  • Complete all mentor led life skills development workshops (facilitated live and online), assignments, and projects

  • Complete physical training workshops (facilitated live and online) in accordance with the cohort schedule

  • Pass all three proficiency exams with a minimum passing score of 70%  

  • Participate in 3 YBW events

  • Attend Promotion Ceremony

Program Requirements

We believe that our ancestors were duly prepared for the struggles that the future would bring to our generation. Furthermore, we believe that our ancestors left tools and resources so that we would be able to persevere during these times.

Each member must meet the following requirements:

  • Believe in God 

  • Be at least 9 years of age

  • Be interested in succeeding

  • Obtain parent/guardian permission

  • Complete the application process

  • Attend the initiation and orientation ceremonies

  • Be able to complete the physical training and workshops (provisions are made for applicants with disabilities)

  • Be willing to learn and apply the skills, lessons, and strategies developed by a YBW  

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the YBW program, your Yung Blak Warrior will: 

  • Understand Ancient Cultural Practices and Rites 

  • Practice Responsibility, Respect, Organization, Restraint, Ethics, and Humanity

  • Be proficient in: Arithmetic, Grammar, Logic, Communication, Rhetoric, Music, Geometry, Astronomy, Investing, Economics, and Business 

  • Own a legal corporation

  • Have an account with money for college, business, or investing 

  • Be able to satisfy basic physical education requirements

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